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Tents, Tables & Chairs

The Sherwood Company rents tents for all occasions. With over 60,000 square ft. of tents available and five decades of experience, the right one for you is just a phone call away. An intimate gathering in your back yard or seating six hundred of your closest friends, call us for a complete listing and availability.

When planning special events, you want everything to be perfect. Depending on the type of event and location, wondering where everyone will sit can be a major concern. Sherwood Company has got you covered. We carry a variety of tables, tablecloths, chairs, risers, dance floor, lights, and even portable heaters – all great accessories for graduations, seminars, weddings, conventions and much more. No matter what the occasion, we have the right combination for you.

We can help you calculate your needs while keeping your budget in mind.

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"Great products and service. They have taken care of all our needs from setting up a beautiful tent for our daughters wedding to all our signage for our business. Wonderful people."